Betsy Benson & the Bow Tie Boy(s)
miniDV • 10 min • 2002

Requests from festivals and film-lovers sail in still for screenings of The Candy Eye Factory's endearing debut flick, Betsy Benson & The Bow Tie Boy(s) .

Into one girl's technicolor imagination this spunky film transports the viewer as a teen fashionista bosses around a crew of boy toys to help film the cinematic vision of her favorite childhood picture book, Betsy Benson & The Chocolate Bunnies .

Re-imagining what she can't remember and re-writing the passages she finds unpalatable, the film patches together pages of the original book, behind the scenes footage of the teen's no-budget basement production, and Easter-colored clips of the storybook come to life. The resulting film is a charming collage that is both mischievous and moving.

Employing a decidedly lo-fi, homemade feel, the artists at The Factory constructed their Betsy Benson film "in character" - as if it was the on-screen Betsy fan herself who made the very film that viewers now enjoy.

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