miniDV • 11 min • 2002

The seamlessly repetitive existence of factory workers Anouk and Elsa is methodically conveyed in the precise structure and tick-tocking tempo of the grim fable Canned.

Filmed before just two backdrops with its original sound deleted, this stark but evocative film creates a breadth of environmental landscapes through its entirely foleyed soundtrack. The use of stilted over-dubbing and recreated "canned" audio lends the piece an austere, bad-dreamy chill to this tale about the employees at the EuroDirekt plant and their blandly callous supervisors.

Constructed as an aloof if not impolite jolt of a film, the tiny tragedy of the narrative gradually seeps into the viewer's mind, leaving them as haunted and hypnotized as the film's two protagonists. The minimalism of the story investigates how the mundanely minor can corrode that which seemed constant and concrete.

Viewed alone or paired with its ying-yanged sister film Betsy Benson & The Bow Tie Boys (together packaged as Sweet & Sour), Canned illustrates Candy Eye's versatility in cinematic moods and was The Factory's first piece to toy with not only soothing film audiences but bruising them as well.

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