The Candy Eye Filmmakers

Raised on a steady diet of fashion magazines, music videos, and long-gone soap operas, the award winning artists at Candy Eye operate their  cinema factory on a simplified and scrappy scale but their lush, imaginative creations have tickled and taunted audiences in world-renowned film festivals from Chicago to Berlin - and beyond!

Minnesota filmmakers JoEllen Martinson and William Scott Rees met as 11-year-old schoolmates in the late 1980's and quickly formed a friendship founded in creative collaboration. Eagerly exploring video throughout their youth, the duo then headed to separate art schools to further their filmmaking endeavors. Reuniting at the Minneapolis College of Art + Design, where they both graduated in Media Arts, the pair now thrive in various artistic fields.

The Candy Eye Factory's digital films have been praised for their expressive art direction, their quirky but sensitive storytelling, and their spunky presentation of challenging, cliché-free heroines.