miniDV • 8 min • 2003

The faux history lesson of the sly festival-hit Digits is told only in shreds. As if pieced together from the ashy remains of a double-agent's sabotaged dossier, this film intrigues, excites, and ultimately mystifies.

Pushing their use of digital manipulation ever farther, the artists at Candy Eye employed refashioned graphics, an army of foreign tongues, rapid-fire text blasts, and a Euro-thrashing soundtrack to disguise the suburban streets of Minneapolis as a 1970's German capital.

Intent on suggesting a story rather than pounding one down, fact by crystal-clear fact, that which is coyly absent from the film's narrative is replaced by ultra-evocative atmospheres. Each vignette in the piece is stylistically twisted and tweaked to the extreme so that the look of the film acts as its very script/structure.

Poking holes in its self-conscious hip-ness and in the melodrama of its terrorist-oriented plot, Digits is repeatedly blasted with silly banality - winking playfully at the audience as it kicks them in the gut.

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