The Driver & the Doe
miniDV + Hi8 • 15 min • 2005

Puckishly opaque, The Driver & the Doe is a wolf-in-sheep's-clothing themed fable fueled by an ambiguous antagonist toward a dark and dissident finale.

Gorgeously gritty, this sly, sneaky film lures its audience into the cyclical journey of two accident victims swerving suddenly into an unfriendly friendship. Consumed with fear, the film's furry heroine shivers obliviously in the backseat of her mute traveling companion as the ride grows ever colder. When the brutal trip abruptly ends, and the icy Driver's assorted appetites have been fully satisfied, it is open for viewer interpretation whether the stunned Doe is left ruined or strangely redeemed.

With its patented brand of sugar-sprinkled sass, The Candy Eye Factory spins graphics, soundscapes, and stylized video into a hypnotic yarn exploring the grim shadows of human need.

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