debut collection dvd

Available for purchase at the following fabulous retailers-

Minneapolis: Robotlove
Minneapolis: Design Collective - SOLD OUT
San Francisco: Museum Of Modern Art Store - SOLD OUT
New York: Brooklyn Collective - SOLD OUT
Online: Candy Eye's new shop on - SOLD OUT
Online: - SOLD OUT

Previously screened on PBS, in retro roller-rinks, avant garde art galleries, and aboard British ocean vessels, Candy Eye's line of addictively delicious films can now be savored at home as the critically-acclaimed Factory proudly serves up six of their digital delights in their debut DVD collection.

Featuring half a dozen of Candy Eye's sweetest successes, satisfy your craving for cult cinema quirk with:

Over 85 minutes of secret-recipe cinema from experimental filmmakers William Scott Rees + JoEllen Martinson.