The Epicene
miniDV + Hi8 • 4 min • 2007

While the heart of the cinema world remains ever loyal to the supposed thrills of the feature length project, The Candy Eye Factory artists, through their ongoing work, have bravely aimed to elevate the emotional complexity and artistic impact of the short-film format. With their tenth offering, The Epicene, filmmakers JoEllen Martinson and William Scott Rees cleverly compact a decade’s worth of romantic drama between two Mediterranean art stars into a tight and tiny mini-flick just four minutes in length.

Drawing upon the surreal, pansexual traditions of Greek mythology, The Factory weaves seamlessly into their primary narrative the tragic tale of the famed artist Bruno and his fiery lover Filippa. Upon the debut of their finest creation, The Epicene, the duo’s powerful lust begins to invert and implode.

With every image and sound spun in double meanings, The Epicene whirls two fantastical tales into one alluring exploration of artistic and sexual creation. Never has so much unfolded onscreen so swiftly or seductively in Candy Eye’s growing series of seriously-short film shorts.

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