miniDV • 9 min • 2004

A low-key b-side of a film, Expectorants guides the viewer in and out of semi-consciousness through a space both ordinary and odd.

Jostled out of his October nap into a daydream of another kind, a costumed country boy struggles repeatedly to cure his loved one of a bizarre condition for which he can find no remedy. Her pain becomes his as well, and as the duo grapples with their surreal dilemma, the film explores the uniting yet alienating power of individual strife.

Wordlessly and wittily, the film flows through the pair's troublesome day, a cozy calmness blanketing even the film's most dramatic segments. A whispery compliment to Candy Eye's feistier flicks, Expectorants' severe storyline suggests a controversial climax, but delivers instead a dose of dazzling sweetness.

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