V Is for Video
"These experimental videos are all over the map, though they share a sense of humor that will seem either hip or snarky depending on your taste for postmodern irony. On the upside, Ben Coonley's "Post Pony Trilogy" looks like children's educational television conceived by a demented art-school student, warped but with an oddball charm. William Scott Rees and JoEllen Martison's Digits is an inventive hybrid: a mock history of 70s-style Euro-terrorists that turns into a music video. On the downside, Kent Lambert's 5 Video Hits is too fragmented and the Halflifers' zombie riff Afterlifers: Walking and Talking is far too long. The odd film out is Darrin Martin's Monograph in Stereo, a more serious and unsettling experimental piece about Martin's loss of hearing in one ear."

Hank Sartin
Chicago Reader
August 20, 2004

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