The Legend of Santa Susanna
miniDV • 38 min • 2004

Combining the rainbow-bright emotional and visual palettes of previous Candy Eye Factory successes with its recent adventures in edgier experimentations, The Legend of Santa Susanna wrangles up The Factory's diverse strengths into one rich and crowd pleasing mini-epic.

Its largest project to date, The Factory invited four brand new actors into its close-knit crew to fill out the diverse roles of this spunky tale exploring religious and romantic faith. Poppy montages, twangy narration, and the performers' irreverent interpretations of their cartoony characters fuel the film with a kaleidoscopic shimmer and galloping gait.

Winner of The New Vision Special Merit Award from Orlando's New Screen Television foundation, The Legend of Santa Susanna cleverly conjures a sun-struck, TexMex atmosphere out of its Twin Cities shooting location and transports viewers into a fantastic tale of miraculous mysteries.

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